Alberta Ferretti SS23: Wonderlust

Fashion-making for Alberta Ferretti is a primary urge, a way to translate her passion for life, nature, experiences into clothing, to imagine fantasies that are real and populate them with dynamic and expressive women.

Hers is a continuous journey of exploration, expressed through a love for manual skills, for the artisanal processes that give garments tactile and emotional nuances.

This season the collection is a journey, consisting of precious elements collected around the world and mixed here and now, with a pervasive sense of eclecticism.

Colours immediately catch the eye: shades of grass green, amethyst, turquoise, tobacco and burnt sienna mingle with natural hues and the glow of sequins, giving an immediate sense of energy.

Vivified by these pictorial colours, the wardrobe imagined by Alberta Ferretti is a hymn to lightness and fluidity: indispensable features of the woman who is a global citizen, and of the clothes she wears.

Long, short, masculine, feminine are mixed: shirts are long, trench coats become impalpable, vests and jackets dematerialize into handkerchief hems.

Bare skin peeps under liquid panels, under raffia or sequin tunics, under dresses encrusted with macramé vines. The echoes of travel-inflected clothing are evident, filtered through impalpable materials: field jackets, blazers, suits. In the evening, everything becomes even lighter, dancing, precious, and the stress on manual skills turns into ineffable delicacy. Materials give body and consistency to this vision of eclectic spontaneity: silk, chiffon, satin, silk and linen toile, raffia.

Tireless carriers of an inextinguishable wanderlust, the Alberta Ferretti travellers walk on the clouds, with their feet on the ground.

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