Custommade FW23: The Magic of maximalism a manifesto

Fashion must be the most intoxicating release from the banality of the world”- Diana Vreeland.

Fashion is important.

Fashion is creative and playful.

Fashion is dreaming.

Fashion is cultural history.

Fashion gives us ownership over our possibilities and self-image.

I BELIEVE there are too many garments in the world, of which, not enough made from the heart. I BELEAVE clothes made from the heart give us a sense of tactile intimacy and togetherness.

I BELIEVE fashion plays commentary to our society, and that our clothes likewise support who we would like to be as women, how we see ourselves and how we weave into the world.

I BELIEVE in more. More colours and more creativity.

I BELIEVE we dress for the rush of adrenaline and the thrill of expressing ourselves.

I BELIEVE fashion makes us dream. I BELIEVE in expressing our dreams, our personality and passion through our clothes.

I BELIEVE life is too short to blend in like a wallflower in safe fashion choices.

I BELIEVE in celebrating file through the aesthetic of the maximalist. An aesthetic with surprising details and sumptuous propositions that gives energy and optimism, and a sense of luxury in everyday life through an exquisite choice of materials and craftmanship.

I BELIEBE in living life fully, so let’s live to the maximum and let’s do in style.

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