Custommade SS23: A Parisian Scent of Spring

A collection inspired by the, without comparison, most beautiful and delicate colours and the urban feel of Paris.

The small secret gardens and the overgrow facades.

The collection is brittle and feminine with lots of energy but at the same time so refined.

A true tribute to understand elegance.

Custommade Parisian girl has a certain flair and her own way of enjoying her city. Exploring unconventional neighbourhoods, secret museums, and cosmopolitan hangouts. She is living her life to the fullest, whether she is just daydreaming or getting culturally inspired.

Her Parisian style breather of attitudes and her free state of mind.

Her closet is filled with irresistible feminine pieces, modern and sculptural with a creative touch of voluminous details and delicately exaggerated proportions. The masculine suiting is always present in her heart.

The colour paillette reflects a fresh scent of spring.

Warm and cold tones mix and remind us of the spring uplifting blue skies and gently faded pastels.

Pure and timeless white, together with the ubiquitous and powerful black creates a solid and elegant base. Natural tones as carafe brown, praline brown and sandshell beige meets the watery and delicate halogen blue while the powerful little boy blue makes the whole palette sporty and crisp. Sea pink is the delicate and romantic element and together with mermaid green create a beautiful colour combination of a delicate but wildflower garden. All the colours are subtle and elegant and caresses the gentle custard yellow like a spring-like morning sky.

The finishing touch is definitely the unique classic red to add that little pop of color.

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