On the 22nd of April, Francesco Ferretti presented Aeffe Group’s sustainability strategy, including the brands Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and Pollini. In order to comply with Agenda 2030 global goals, Chief Operations Officer indicated the three pillars of the sustainability plan for the fashion industry.

Planet & Environment

Between 2025 and 2026 the fashion group will commit itself to reaching goals calculated as SBT, ‘targets that provide companies with a clearly-defined path to reduce emissions inline with the Paris Agreement goals. More than four thousand businesses around the world are already working with the Science Based Targets initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, helping prevent the worst impacts of climate change and future-proof business growth’.

(Science Based Targets, “How it works”,

People & Community

Particular emphasis will be placed on creating a sustainable corporate culture, by providing a base sustainability course for employees and an advanced one for top managers.

Product & Supply chain

Aeffe Group will concentrate on the development of collections with a more sustainable oriented mind, for example using recycled organic cotton. By adopting similar strategies, Aeffe predicts to considerably reduce its impact on environment and people.

“L’obiettivo che ci siamo posti è dare massima trasparenza al consumatore grazie al digital product passport, obiettivo che raggiungeremo grazie a una struttura tecnologica; stiamo cambiando il sistema informativo unico, [affinché]il cliente possa essere informato sui processi a cui è andato incontro il capo. Già dal prossimo anno partire[mo] [con] un passaporto pilota. Le normative cambieranno e stiamo cercando di anticipare i tempi, il tema è sentito e non vorremmo trovarci a ricorrere situazioni compresse”. (Caruccio Marco, “Francesco Ferretti presenta la prima strategia di sostenibilità di Aeffe”, Pambianco News, 22 aprile 2024,

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