Fashion Brand

Market analysis, professionalism, and reliability are the guiding principles that inspire our fashion brand consulting agency. With passion and expertise, we offer bespoke services of the highest level to luxury fashion boutiques and brands.

For Boutiques Aiming for Excellence

Our primary consulting activities for retailers focus on researching, selecting, and positioning the most suitable brands, creating personalized product portfolios, and developing marketing strategies.

In addition to this, we manage relationships with both Italian and foreign suppliers, optimize the commercial and logistical aspects of the business, train staff, and help set up and promote the physical or virtual store.

The Alexys Agency team also organizes exclusive events and is present in our multibrand showroom in Milan to allow retailers to experience the quality of our collections firsthand.

Fashion brands and boutiques contsulting

For Brands that Want to Stand Out

We have a deep understanding of the international luxury fashion market, pay close attention to the latest lifestyle trends, and have a well-established network of commercial contacts - this is how we bring brands to success.

Our consulting services are aimed at both established and emerging brands, including Made in Italy designers. We support them in their internationalization processes, assist with regulatory and commercial aspects, and help with logistics and exports.

We provide customized solutions based on specific needs and desired outcomes, from product development consulting to negotiations with retailers, to marketing and communication assistance. With Alexys Agency, every brand is in good hands.

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