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Atelier, the platform for B2B luxury wholesale

International B2B distribution of fashion products is one of the key activities of our fashion agency. We have been in the fashion wholesale business for years and export luxury clothing and accessories to boutiques worldwide.

Knowledge of industry dynamics and a focus on innovation prompted us to develop a very special project. To make it even more convenient and faster for retailers to fulfill orders, at Alexys Agency we have activated Atelier, an online system designed to simplify wholesale sales.

Atelier, the platform for B2B luxury wholesale

The system is designed to ensure a swifter experience in selecting fashion products to order in bulk. Access to Atelier is exclusively reserved for retailers  who are contracted with our agency: by entering the online platform, they can manage their orders independently.

Once inside Atelier, navigation is easy and intuitive, allowing you to select products of interest and confirm your order online. The system is accessible at any time and updated in real time with respect to garment availability, thanks to the direct connection with our warehouse.


A virtual high fashion warehouse

With access to the platform, retailers have access to the assortment of luxury brands we cater to, Made in Italy and more. You can learn about prices and products available for sale for B2B luxury wholesale and view in-stock items and seasonal discounts.

B2B fashion wholesale is immediately at your fingertips with Atelier.

A virtual high fashion warehouse
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