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Alberta Ferretti PreFall23

Nighttime romance

For Alberta Ferretti each collection is a way to explore the richness and complexities of feminine psychology while expanding the codes and nuances of an utterly personal style, in which poetry and self-awareness, precision and softness, delicacy and willfulness are mixed in ever evolving ways.

What interests her, as a woman and as a designer, is the dialogue with women, that is the possibility of offering each client the space to interpret the garments in a personal way and to impress an individual signature: fashion as a tool, concrete yet dreamy. At the center of everything, always, is the body, enhanced in its shape and movements.

The romanticism typical of Alberta Ferretti this season takes on dense and nocturnal shades, and is enriched with punk touches whilst maintaining the seductive languors, the lingerie details and the soft elegance, coming across as a kaleidoscope of possibilities. It is the palette that sets the tone: deep and precious as a gemstone, in an

amalgamation of amethyst purple, emerald green, silver gray, ruby red, platinum, black diamond with accents of amber and zircon.

The pictorial colors pervade a wardrobe that mixes masculine tailoring and very light couture volumes, impeccable suits and leather blousons, raw-cut trench coats and ball gowns. Short and long, fluid and graphic are part of the same proposal, played on the contrasts of textures and shapes: lacquered sweaters worn over cady shorts, airy dresses worn with colliers de chien, ruffle shirts under liquid silk velvet suits. Trousers elongate the silhouette and dematerialize it in a quiver of feathers or fringes. In the evening, everything becomes intangible and precious. Fabrics give substance to this vision: cady, silk velvet, taffetas, satin, graphic lace, double-faced felt, chiffon, nappa, macramé, fil coupé, mohair and merino wool for knitwear. Embroideries are a precious and decadent touch.

A vision of empowered romance.

The night as an idea of seductive elegance.

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