Made in Italy fashion distribution

Our luxury clothing and accessories distribution service places special emphasis on promoting Made in Italy products. We deal with both fashion houses already known nationally or internationally and with new generations of designers.

With extensive experience in the industry and knowledge of foreign markets, our fashion agency is an established distributor of Made in Italy fashion throughout the world. We provide brands and boutiques with our expertise and passion to create customized distribution projects.

We export Italian fashion around the world

We believe in the value of Made in Italy luxury fashion, so we invest in the distribution of these products. The success of a brand internationally depends on multiple factors, such as the ability to adapt to the target market, promote its image and create lasting relationships with customers.

At Alexys Agency we take care of all aspects, both business and marketing, to enable brands and boutiques to achieve their business goals.

On the one hand, fashion houses who turn to us are confident that they can count on a team of professionals who are also very familiar with expanding markets. On the other hand, retailers who choose our agency know they will find a selection of top Italian brands to offer for sale to the market.

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Made in Italy fashion

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