The 23rd Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival stared on the 12th of April and during the first three days it has already given us stunning performances and looks! Some of the e most discussed celebrities are the melancholy Lana Del Rey, Shakira, surprise guest during Bizzarrap’s show, Nelly Furtado, who transmitted us great emotions with her voice despite her viral fall on stage and the chic heir Paris Hilton.

Here are our suggestions for recreating the iconic outfits of these Very Important (and Fashion) People.

Lana Del Rey

With almost two hours of concert, Lana Del Rey reconfirms herself as an undisputed talent on the international music scene. Arriving on a motorbike, the singer shows an enchanting glittery outfit in shades of blue, matching with high-heels boots, sparkling of course”.

Our suggestion:

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A welcome surprise from Shakira on stage at the Californian music festival. The singer, Bizarrap’s guest, inflamed the audience with her performance and her flamboyant outfit was no different!

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Nelly Furtado

With her hits, the Canadian singer Nelly Furtado kept the audience in suspense with her voice and more…Surely her metallic pink total look was not a ‘fall’ in style.

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Paris Hilton

Fluttering hair and dress for the American heir Paris Hilton who attended Coachella wearing a sexy cowgirl outfit!

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