Erdem presents its Pre-Spring25 collection in Milan from the 14th until the 21st of June. As always, the brands has developed the collection around a particular figure, offering both innovative styles and traditional Erdem-like dresses. If Pre-Fall24’s muse was Maria Callas, in the Pre-Spring25 the focus is on Twenties writer Radclyffe Hall.

Hall’s gender fluidity is expressed in the collection through a combination of masculine clothes adorned with feminine details and vice versa. We will find, for example, typical men’s waistcoat with a floral brooch, double-breast coat with shining details and structured night gown matching with soft bomber.

In this Pre-Spring collection, Twenties’ retro style blends with floral elements. Primulas, peonies and daisies appear recurrently through almost the entire collection, however always represented or realised with different techniques and colours.

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