International distribution of high-end products

International distribution of high-end products, the approach of Alexys Agency

In the world of high-end fashion, international distribution strategies are crucial for a company's success. There are different approaches; however, depending on individual business objectives, two different strategies can be chosen:

Selective distribution:

This strategy implies a carefully selected choice of points of sale for the sale of high-end products, to maintain the brand image and guarantee a high-quality of customer service.

Expansive Distribution:
This strategy aims to increase the availability of high-fashion products as much as possible, through distribution in multiple stores and in multiple countries.

To delve deeper into these topics, we refer you to our article "INTENSIVE, SELECTIVE, AND EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION IN THE FASHION WORLD."

The approach of Alexys Agency in the international distribution of high-end fashion products

At Alexys Agency, we have chosen to adopt the Selective Distribution strategy, which allows us to safeguard the distributed brands. It creates an exclusive atmosphere around the brand, making the purchase a unique and luxurious experience. Additionally, it offers undeniable advantages, including:

  • Luxury image preservation
  • Quality control
  • Increased ability to set higher prices
  • Greater focus on the most profitable markets
  • Greater control over marketing strategies
  • Lower distribution costs
  • Greater flexibility

The challanges of fashion distribution in new markets and emerging countries

There are several barriers that make it difficult for a distributor of high-end products to enter new international markets, especially in emerging countries.

These include cultural and language factors, as well as bureaucratic barriers such as trade barriers, market access, financial barriers, trade regulations, and export infrastructure. Additionally, there are other factors such as competition, currency fluctuations, intellectual property issues, and in some cases, complicating factors like political risks and protectionism.

To overcome all these barriers, at Alexys Agency, we have developed a winning approach thanks to our years of experience:

  • We have created partnerships with local distributors and international shippers
  • We have been investing in marketing and advertising for years
  • We are aiming for an energetic online presence
  • We are a multi-cultural team
  • We have always helped brands to adapt the product to the needs of the target market
  • We have developed relationships with local agencies specializing in product certification for each individual country
  • We have in-depth knowledge of international and local competition
  • We have established friendly relationship with local buyers and dealers

Distributing fashion brands worldwide is a complex service that requires extensive knowledge of the global market, consumers and trends. International distribution requires greater flexibility and ability to adapt to different cultures, regulations and fashion trends around the world, as well as an effective and efficient ability to manage logistics and administrative and legal documents for exporting products.

Thanks to our approach and expertise, we can bring fashion brands to the best boutiques worldwide.
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