Two Australian brands that fascinate the fashion world


Immense green areas, wonderful beaches and peace of mind are not the only things that make Australia so interesting! Alluring fashion brands are beginning to make their entrance onto the international fashion landscape, channelling the different currents that influence Australian lifestyle and thinking into their creation. In this short article, we present IXIAH and SPELL.



Founded by designer Krystel Davis in 2012, the brand IXIAH stands out for its high-quality garments adorned by exquisite prints, embroideries and details. The name comes from the African plant ixia with sword-like leaves and star-shaped blooms and from the Greek term ixias (chameleon-like). IXIAH’s collections are characterized by complex craftmanship and an oriental style.

“IXIAH is not just a brand; it's a movement towards a more inspired and interconnected world"


Ixiah, About, https://ixiah.com/pages/about-us



“To work in harmony with people and planet. To create with intention so change is possible. To champion fibres that are circular, regenerative & renewable”

Spell, About us, https://eu.spell.co/pages/about-us

The thought that leads the brand Spell of sisters Elizabeth Abegg and Isabella Pennefather is quite clear in these words. Taking inspiration from the city of Byron Bay, where the main store is located, Spell’s dresses follow the boho-country chic style, not forgetting the environmental sustainability theme.

In fact, starting from 2020 Spell has become a member of UN GLOBAL COMPACT, an initiative for sustainability that has 17 goals. At the moment, the brand is focusing on 4 steps: reduce inequalities; responsible consumption and production; climate action and partnership for the goals.

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