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Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Resort24

"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk through my garden forever."

Alfred Tennyson

What does it mean to be romantic today?

With his Resort 2024 collection, Lorenzo Serafini offers its own interpretation of the concept of modern romanticism.

Continuing a journey inaugurated with the Spring/Summer 2023 runway show, the designer unveils a collection focusing on precise silhouettes dressing the body with effortless sophistication.

Philosophy’s signature feminine DNA meets the quotidian needs of real women looking at fashion as a tool to express their own identity.

Tailoring becomes an instrument of self-empowerment: the vest is the season’s hottest item to wear as a second skin.

Classic sartorial fabrics are also crafted for rigorous dresses revealing delicate crisscross details on the back, while bouclé is treated with a light hand for skirts, bra tops and jackets showing micro proportions.

More than just decors, ruffles become part of the garments’ constructions contributing to the fresh and feminine appeal of a cotton poplin vest effortlessly worn as a mini dress for a high summer vibe.

Floral prints pop up adding a joyful attitude to the collection. Playing with contrasting proportions, an allover upholstery-inspired pattern with a degradé watercolor-like effect find place next to a tie-inspired micro motif.

The dose of sparkle is high. Stretchy nets decorated with shimmering rhinestones are used for traffic-stopping pieces, their glamorous vibe tempered by their 90’s essential silhouettes.

Reflecting the spirit of the collection, where simplifying is key to amplifying the message, the looks are accessorized with minimal leather flip flops and latex chockers with flowers… just the essentials!

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