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Luxury fashion distribution for the USA

Being one of the biggest and most dynamic markets, the fashion market in the United States is also one of the most fragmented and competitive in the world.

By working with us, you will benefit from a high level of fashion expertise within the management team, as well as know-how and highly specialized marketing services for brand partners, including market research and sales development.

We guarantee efficient distribution of fashion in foreign markets with proven results.

Challenges of the American market

The American fashion market is influenced by different factors, like global trends, demographic changes and consumers’ tastes.

The luxury retail industry in the States is supported by particularly mature and avant-garde marketing strategies, to which consumers have long been accustomed.

Moreover, the experiential factor is extremely important and, in regard to the retail world, the store itself, especially the luxury brand store, maintains superiority in terms of client’s involvement.

Due to the complexity of operating in the fashion market abroad, such as customs clearance and sales authorisations you need the right partner by your side.

We are the agency that has all the answers to the needs of fashion operators and finds the best solutions to bring brands and retail together.

Luxury wholesale clothing vendors: a long lasting partnership

What can we do for you?

We offer a comprehensive fashion consulting service based on extensive export experience. We also provide specialized sales and marketing services, taking care of sales development and management.

We have an international distribution network established over the years you can benefit from.

Alexys Agency’s team is formed by skilled and passionate people with decades of experience in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Do you need a comprehensive consultancy to expand your business abroad?

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