Brand and branding techniques are two key-elements for a company’s international development. For those who aim to internationalize their brand, keep in mind that improvisation of strategies and decision related to it means a guaranteed failure. Here is some information that could be useful for those who want to enlarge the geographical aera in which their company operates.  

Global branding
The term global branding, or international branding, indicates the management of a brand in different areas of the world with the objective to improve its strength and recognition in the target market.

Brand recognition
Adopting strategies related to the brand recognition, the company will be able to transmit to its clients a higher perception of the brand than its competitors which will allow the company to be identified by the consumers or clients as the best choice in a specific niche market.

Local culture
Studying the local culture and understanding its peculiarities will permit an easier penetration in the target markets. Indeed, historical, linguistic and cultural elements could become insuperable obstacles if not seriously taken into confederation while planning the branding strategies. For example, the American multinational chain of coffeehouses Starbucks experienced many difficulties while entering the italna market, where customs and tradition related to this beverage are quite far from the American ones. Finally, even if English is considered as lingua franca, using the local language will simplify the entry into the target markets.

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