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Luisa Positano

Luisa was born in 1938, daughter of a local painter, she formed her acquaintances with the nuns of Luigi Rossi of Positano, who at the time introduced young women to the world of work, teaching them the art of sewing.

He spent his childhood in post-war Positano and around the age of 12/13 he began his career with Irene Kowaliska; the famous Warsaw artist and painter. Famous for her characteristic prints on Vietri ceramics, Kowaliska introduced Positano and the young Luisa to the world of fashion, reaching the elegant ateliers of the Fontana sisters in Rome with her innovative prints.

Her future as an entrepreneur was born in 1969, the result of the experience gathered and the desire to work in the field of Positano fashion.

Over the years the company has grown, until it becomes a real artisan workshop.

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