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Yesterday as well as today, thanks to complicity between make-up and hairstyle, accessories and jewels, the look defines personality and transmits it to the world.

Italo Sodini clearly understood this when funding in 1967 Sodini Bijoux in Lucca, an Italian brand well known for its design, production and distribution of high-end bijoux.

In 1983, after a fruitful partnership with Vougue Bijoux, Sodini became Sodini S.r.l., experiencing a period of great expansion, also thanks to the participation in international and sectorial fairs, among them Chibimart, Macef e Gift Mart in Bijoux sector.

Fashion Jewellery by Sodini

Sodini’s collections praise the femininity of the women who wear them, by getting inspiration from self-aware, carful, contemporary, dynamic and independent female figures, who love to express themselves with creativity and elegance in every occasion. In fact, the three collections, MAIN, RE-TREND and FLASH, menage to enhance necklines, create highlights, dive intensity to the look with a touch of colour or simply liven it up.


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